Advanced Flight Systems

Advanced Launch Systems

From its very founding, Orbital has been an innovator in the development of new space flight systems. From Pegasus, the world’s first air-launched rocket designed to deliver satellites into low-Earth orbit, which had its debut in 1990, to the Stratolaunch program, Orbital has been involved in some of the most exciting flight systems on Earth.


Stratolaunch Systems LLC selected Orbital to design a new intermediate-class rocket to be carried aloft and launched from the largest aircraft ever built. For the Stratolaunch system Orbital will be responsible for the program's overall systems engineering, and the development, production, test, and operations of the air-launch rocket and related ground operations, including payload and launch vehicle integration.

Heritage Programs

For more than three decades, Orbital has helped push reusable launch vehicle, hypersonic and human space flight safety to new heights. Heritage programs include NASA X-34 and X-43 programs, and the Orion Launch Abort System, among others.