Hiring Process

Orbital actively recruits new employees throughout the year, seeking qualified employees to work on some of the space industry’s most exciting programs.  A new hire candidate can expect the hiring process to follow the following path:

Apply Online

Submit your resume online by visiting the Career Center on the Orbital web site.  Applicants are encouraged to create a profile on the My Career Center Page. By creating a profile and submitting your resume, you will be entered into our database and your information will be retained so we can access it when a good career match presents itself.

After creating your profile, you may search job postings and add job postings you are interested in applying for by adding them to your cart.  Note you may be asked to provide additional information when applying for some positions in order to ensure that you meet the prerequisites for those positions.

A Recruiter Reviews Your Resume

Once you have submitted your resume, a recruiter will review it to determine if your experience and educational background qualify you as a candidate for the position for which you have applied.  If you are, the recruiter will route your resume to the hiring manager for that position.  If the hiring manager is interested in meeting with you in person, you will be brought in for an interview.

The Interview Process

A recruiter will contact you to schedule an interview.  Typically you will meet with the hiring manager and may also meet with other managers or others in the department that you would be working with closely.  Most often, if there is sufficient interest, you will be brought back for a second interview for more in-depth discussions of your qualifications.

References and Background Check

Before a formal offer of employment is made, the recruiter will perform a background check and contact your references.  Most positions do not require security clearances but one may be required of certain applicants.

Making an Offer

If your background check and references are all positive, an offer of employment will be made. While it may vary, the hiring process typically takes 4 – 6 weeks.