Satellites & Space Systems Overview

Science & Environmental Satellites
Science & Environmental Satellites
Space Technical Systems

Orbital is one of the world's leading providers of small- to medium-class satellites. Since the company's founding in 1982, Orbital has delivered 150 spacecraft to commercial, military and civil customers worldwide. To date, these spacecraft have amassed well over 1000 years of on-orbit operations.

Communications & Imaging Satellites

Our smaller, more affordable GEOStar geosynchronous Earth orbit (GEO) communications satellites are the right-sized answer for the delivery of commercial satellite services such as direct-to-home digital television, business data transmission, cable program distribution and wireless communications.

In addition, we are a pioneer in networks of small low-Earth orbit communications satellites having designed and built the 35-satellite ORBCOMM data communications network, and are currently under contract from Thales Alenia Space to integrate and test 81 spacecraft for the IridiumNEXT system.

Orbital also was an early innovator in the development of spacecraft designed to provide valuable Earth imagery with the innovative OrbView series of spacecraft and the GeoEye-1 high resolution digital imaging satellite.

Science & Environmental Satellites

Orbital is a recognized leader in small- and medium-class science and technology satellites that are used to perform scientific research, carry out deep space exploration, conduct remote sensing missions, and demonstrate new space technologies. In the past decade, Orbital has built more scientific and environmental monitoring satellites for NASA than any other company.

Space Technical Services

Our Technical Services Division (TSD) provides cost-effective engineering, production and technical management expertise primarily for space-related science and defense programs. Typically, we supply specialized personnel — engineers, scientists, technicians and other professionals — with specific knowledge in the areas that our customers are pursuing. These Orbital employees often work side-by-side with our customers' technical staff at their facilities.