Stock Price: 132.10 -0.11 4/25/2018 10:52 AM ET

Stock Price: 132.10 -0.11 4/25/2018 10:52 AM ET

Who We Are and What We Do

We are a prime aerospace and defense contractor headquartered in Dulles, Virginia, that employs approximately 13,000 people across the U.S. and several international locations. The company has grown to be big enough to tackle and execute some of the toughest, most technologically advanced challenges in our industry, while remaining true to our roots with entrepreneurial approaches and operational agility that has allowed us to pioneer all-new products and markets.

Orbital ATK Delivers...

Advanced and Reliable Systems that Defend Our Freedom

We are proudly patriotic and honored to provide innovative and reliable systems to those who defend our freedom.

  • Orbital ATK equips U.S. and allied troops with advanced precision armaments to provide overmatch capability and ensure their safety as they defend our freedom every day
  • Our missile warning and aircraft survivability systems help ensure the safety of aircrews in hostile environments
  • Our solid rocket motors are the most advanced in the world, powering tactical and strategic missiles and missile defense systems that protect our troops and safeguard our nation, and launch critical payloads into orbit for national security missions in space
  • We deliver highly engineered composite aerospace structures for the world’s most advanced military aircraft
  • We produce billions of rounds of ammunition every year used by U.S. and allied forces

Technologies that Enable Mankind to Explore and Discover

We design and build systems that enable human and robotic exploration and scientific discoveries to further our understanding of Earth, our solar system, and beyond.

  • Our satellites provide scientists with vital information about the Earth, our solar system and the universe beyond
  • We have pioneered space logistics using our Cygnus spacecraft to deliver supplies to the International Space Station, and are adapting Cygnus to provide habitat quarters and life-support systems for astronauts in deep space
  • We are developing robotic spacecraft to provide life-extension and other services for in-orbit satellites.
  • Our rocket propulsion systems and family of launch vehicles provide access to space and enable mankind to explore deeper into our galaxy than ever before
  • Orbital ATK spacecraft provide scientific data that connects humankind as we seek to monitor Earth’s weather and to unravel the mysteries of our solar system, our galaxy and the universe around us
  • We manage NASA’s Research Rocket and Balloon programs supporting scientific and student space and atmospheric research
  • Our space components have flown on virtually all U.S. spacecraft and planetary landers in the last 20 years

Products that Bring Millions of People Together Each Day

We are a global corporate citizen, connecting millions of people every day through worldwide communications, transportation, and environmental information.

  • Our commercial communications satellites deliver television, internet and other vital communications services to hundreds of millions of people around the world
  • We are a premiere provider of state-of-the-art composite aerospace structures for some of the world’s most advanced airliners that are changing the way humans travel across the globe

Products, Systems and Careers that Inspire

We empower our employees to connect their careers to their personal passions and strive to inspire those around us by giving back to the communities in which we work and live.

  • We encourage our employees to pursue ingenious solutions to the industry’s most difficult engineering challenges
  • We conduct hundreds of millions of dollars in research and development every year
  • We are an involved and responsible corporate citizen, inspiring those around us in the communities where we work and live

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